Markets and participants are no longer strictly local. You need to have expertise and experience on a national and global basis, including research and analysis. Our appraisers travel and reside across the country bringing their highest credentials to bear on every situation, whether it is large or small, regional or national, for individuals or institutions to bring training, thought, and skill in resolving personal property assessments.


All types of appraisal functions are accomplished at the highest level, whether it is a simple task of providing market value for a senior citizen seeking to divide their treasures among their children or replacement costs for a vast archive at a corporate headquarters. Our appraisers are trained, qualified, and certified to provide our clients with the latest in appraisal methodology and standards. Reports are easy to read, definitive in nature, and complete in scope.


We work in tandem with other professionals, whether it is attorneys, accountants, trust officers, adjusters and claim managers, or even other appraisers to offer guidance, support, analysis, and documented help in unusual or complex valuation problems. This includes market evaluations, broad evidence reports, multiple valuations, blockage discounts, and advice on a host of appraisal related predicaments.



I just came back from the store.  My habit is to empty my pocket of change and place it in a container on my dresser.  This I did, without thinking, adding it to the mixture of coins already piling up from a couple of weeks worth of unloading pockets.  Soon I’ll have to empty it at the supermarket at one of those coin counters, providing some extra cash for an unplanned dinner or surprise.  Isn’t it nice to have a pile of extra cash?

I don’t usually even look at what I put in my dresser change container.  It doesn’t really matter.  Today, however, I stopped and examined my slight handful (it was less than usual).  It consisted of two quarters, two dimes, and three pennies—73 cents in all, probably from a lunch out and a stop at the grocery store (although I used a debit card).  Where does it come from anyway?  (When was the last time you put change in your pocket to start the day?) 

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